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People often say, “I’m not ready to attend networking events because I may not offer much value to someone.”

At Networking Leads we say: “NO WAY! You have HUGE value to offer others.”

NL wants you to have the following mindset: think of all the people you know…your family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, church, clubs, other professionals (barber, plumber, landscaper, etc.), community, and so on.

This is HUGE for you because this means that you have so much value to offer others in a networking event because of all the people you know.

The key to successful networking is to first think of helping others and not yourself. Get rid of the self-gain mindset.

See you at our next networking meeting on May 20, 2022…the one we had last Friday was amazing!

By the way, our professional meeting spaces have been a smash hit with the business professionals that have been using it for their business.

Networking Leads


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