The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that about 35% of the US workforce are independent business owners (entrepreneurs, temps, freelancers, independent contractors).

A startup business venture faces a lot of internal (administration, human resources, overhead, etc…) and external (customer engagement, changing industry needs, etc…) challenges. This makes “Mobility”, “Flexibility”, and “Time Management” paramount to business success.

Networking Leads caters to this market by offering the following professional resources: Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Seminar Rooms, Classrooms, Online Networking Community, and even a Coffee House where you can impress your customers/clients with the finest brew prepared by the best local barista. You also have the opportunity to grow your network of business professionals by attending the many networking events that are held in the same building. In other words, having it all under the same roof not only creates new opportunities but also allows you to become even more productive with all the time you will save in not having to drive all over town.

We invite you to “Join Us”.

Networking Leads…to both your Social and Professional Growth.

Edgar J. Guzman, Founder and CEO of Networking Leads, Inc.



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