Why Do You Network?

Networking. You’ve seen and said the word so often that the spelling looks incorrect and it’s lost its meaning entirely.

In today’s professional society, networking is a norm. If you want to be known, you network. If you want to meet other professionals, you network. If you want to learn about other businesses, you guessed it! Network.

So, why do YOU network?

If you network for the sole purpose of self-benefit, the connections you make and the people you meet will be less than genuine. In order to create a long lasting and effective bond with other professionals, you need to not only connect over your business or yourself but also find interest in the person and in what they do. A person can sense your energy and they’ll know if you are faking interest for something in return or not.

Having a variety of strong connections in your network can benefit you in the long run, but keep in mind that when you’re starting out, you want to be genuine and do it for the right reasons.

If you haven’t yet visited one of our weekly networking events, we encourage you to. Our Morning Mixers are held every Thursday morning, from 8-9am in the Coffee House.

Join us—lets have a cup of coffee together.



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