Networking Leads had the opportunity to serve the people and the members of our community in Three (3) separate venues yesterday evening:

1) Holistic Personal Chef Adrienne Falcone Godsell served her delicious food recipes in the Coffee House. Barista Thomas also served our amazing house coffee.

2) MacFarlane Park Neighborhood Association, the largest neighborhood association in West Tampa, hosted a community neighborhood networking event at the David M. Barksdale Senior Center where Barista Zeke of the Networking Leads Coffee House served his amazing coffee blend to the community.

3) Richman Management Company hosted a meet and greet at their pool club house where the Networking Leads Coffee House was also there to provide their amazing food and coffee to all the residents.

Networking Leads exists to enrich the lives of others and the community by offering them a Coffee House where they can meet and break bread together, a place where they can further their educational understanding of personal and professional relationships, a place where you can co-work with others, and also where you can host your own seminar.

The Networking Leads Coffee House not only serves coffee, it serves an amazing experience.

Please join us next week.

Edgar J. Guzman, President



2701 N. Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33607

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