I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that attended my seminar yesterday on “START UPS—A STORY OF STRUGGLE”.

We had just over 70 RSVPs which is good for a Wednesday early evening session that started at 6 pm. If you were not able to make it please know that we will have other seminars in the near future covering the common issues that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis.

This morning, I read two articles that I thought were important to highlight since they talked specifically about the same things that were covered at yesterday’s start up seminar.

I have highlighted them here in this post for you to read.

First Article: An interview of a 50 year old business man that shares his top 10 points of business wisdom. Point #10 talks about one of the very first things that I wrote on the white board—HARD WORK! Please read:

“10. Actually, there is a substitute for hard work.

And that substitute is consistent, relentless, hard work (sorry I tricked you there). There's no other way to success. Period. And when you throw in dashes of patience and resilience and cook it all in the oven of life, you get fresh-baked fortitude.”

Second Article: This article is from today’s Tampa Bay Times article where Lightning Owner, Mr. Jeff Vinik, is interviewed about his ownership philosophy and the work he does in the community. I have marked the article in red ink on the topics that were specifically covered in yesterday’s seminar that represent the common struggles that entrepreneurs face. What has been marked in red ink by me was actually also written on the white board for those that attended to write down and to review everyday to make sure they become mindful of the most common pitfalls that business owners face. Please see the pictures that I attached for you to read (focus on the red marked areas that we covered yesterday).

Please stay tuned for the dates and times of the business series seminars that we will be hosting at Networking Leads.

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