Yesterday Networking Leads hosted its first “Think Tank Discussion Meeting” in the Coffee House.

The purpose of the Think Tank was to bring business owners of different professional industries together to talk about the common professional struggles they face in business. The discussion was an open format where anyone had the opportunity to either contribute their professional advice to the subject matter being discussed or to simply listen and take notes.

Yesterday’s Think Tank meeting focused a lot on the following concepts in business: 1) Educating your clients, 2) Listening to your clients needs, 3) Giving back to others, and 4) Clarity of personal and professional purpose needed to help you preserve time from the aimless hustle that plagues so many business owners.

Thought leaders such as Alan Mulally, Viktor Frankle, Tim Ferris, and Simon Sinek were used as objective evidence to validate how the application of the concepts discussed were able to save a struggling billion dollar company and also the impact they had on the personal lives of these business leaders. In other words, these individuals were used as case studies to drive home the fact that businesses either thrive or fail based on how they apply these important concepts.

Throughout yesterday’s Think Tank meeting many ideas were offered for future Think Tank sessions such as: 1) putting up a white board in the Coffee House where members can write down their question, 2) perhaps re-naming theses new sessions to “Mastermind Meetings”, 3) perhaps we could record the sessions for others to watch or to reference back to parts that needed to be listened to again, and 3) designating dates and times ahead of time so that people can properly plan to attend. We love the positive feedback and participation that everyone provided and look forward to the next “Think Tank Mastermind Meeting”.

Please stay tuned for the dates and times of our next Think Tank.

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