Our first drip coffee maker; how could we ever forget it?

We wanted to invite a few of our business clients over to the office in order to express our gratitude and appreciation of working with us. Since our first was small, we knew that we had to limit the invitations to about twenty guests.

The day before the gathering, we purchased a drip coffee maker at Walmart that was on sale for $17.99 (original price: $20.00).

Based on our calculations, our new drip coffee maker needed to make three rounds of coffee at ten cups per brew in order to serve twenty guests. In mathematical terms, our equation looked something like this: 3 Rounds x 10 Cups = 30 Cups > 20 Guests = Successful Social Gathering.

About eighty two (82) guests showed up. Our formula was blown up and so was our new drip coffee maker.

One drip at a time—we have come a long way from those early days.

1st Drip: we simply wanted to thank everyone that we did business with.

2nd Drip: the first gathering was fun so lets do it again (we splurged and paid about $30.00 for a new drip coffee maker).

3rd Drip: guests begin to ask us legal and/or business questions that helped them with their respective business.

4th Drip: business clients begin to use our office for employee training sessions.

5th Drip: guests ask us to start educational seminars on law and business.

6th Drip: other local social organizations begin to attend our social gatherings.

7th Drip: humanitarian projects targeting specific needs in the community were started (food, clothing, school supplies, etc...).

8th Drip: Networking Leads is created.

9th Drip: Networking Leads creates an online membership community for its growing base of professional business owners.

10th Drip: Networking Leads members begin to use the space for their own business needs (client meetings, training, seminars, mediations, networking, etc...).

11th Drip: Networking Leads Coffee House is created.

12th Drip: Networking Leads office sharing space is created that offers members

daily/weekly/monthly use of work stations, multiple conference rooms, seminar room, lounge areas, smart TVs, and all day access to the new coffee house.

Today Networking Leads continues to provide people with their true need for connection, for fellowship, and the warm company of other like minded individuals that together reminds us of our humanity.

We really look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you.

Networking Leads...growing one drip at a time.

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