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Meet Jake Klopfenstein!

Meet Jake Klopfenstein, the founder of Angling for Relief.

Jake created Angling for Relief when he realized that his passion for fishing could help serve children battling cancer. From the start of Jake’s vision in the Fifth (5th) grade all the way to today as a freshman in high school, Jake has not only delivered over 100 Dry Fishing kits to the children but he has also brought them happiness. Angling for Relief gives its time and energy into bringing a smile to pediatric cancer patients because when they feel that all hope has been lost, Jake walks into the hospital room with a big smile and a Dry Fishing Kit in hand to reveal to the child that there is something to look forward to when their treatment is done. When the child is cleared to go home, Jake and the rest of the Angling for Relief team take them out to the water to put all that they learned about fishing to the test.

Jake proves that there truly is no age limit to when you can start to change the world around you. Children who fear for their lives in their battle with cancer now have hope for a better tomorrow all thanks to Jake.

Our team at Networking Leads wants to thank Jake and his family for the happiness that they provide to the children.

Kathia E. Guzman

Networking Leads


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