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Meet Dr. Carlos Garcia!

Dr. Garcia has exemplified what incredible value leading a business with compassion, selflessness, and purpose can bring to an individual’s life. As he states, “My job feels like it should be my hobby”- he finds joy and passion in his everyday life as he handles his two businesses: Tampa Counseling and Wellness and The Mastery Group.

He has acted as a light in both individuals everyday lives and in their businesses. Individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, motivation issues, and self-esteem know that they can turn to Dr. Garcia for guidance. Also business leaders who are searching for ways to add a sense of purpose and compassion for the community into their business models can seek out Dr. Garcia’s coaching.

From serving the United States Marines, to firefighting, and to now being a licensed Psychologist, speaker, and life coach- Dr. Garcia has always dedicated himself to helping others.

We truly honor and thank Dr. Garcia for all that he has given to our community!


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