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May I Give…The Order of Son’s of Italy!

If we can describe the members of the Sons of Italy in a few words it would be: Beautiful people, beautiful culture, and strong passion.

Meet Mr. Nick Capitano (left) and Mr. Sam Schiavone (right), two of the many members of Son’s of Italy who represent what it is to be a proud and patriotic American of Italian heritage in the Tampa Bay area. Although you can see the passion for their community simply by speaking to these members, it is also revealed through their charitable acts.

This non-profit’s charity works include:

- Yearly scholarships for Hillsborough County students

- Thanksgiving food drives

- December toy drives

- Donations for illnesses such as cancer and alzheimer’s

- And more!

Let’s all live like the Son’s of Italy and go by their motto: “MANGIA BENE, RIDI SPESSO, AMA MOLTO!” (Eat well, laugh often and love a lot.). 🇮🇹

Thank you Son’s of Italy for your consistent positive light and for giving so much to the community!


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