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Ana María Tague, has dedicated her life to Venezuela as a “labor of love” because she has never forgotten her roots even though she has lived in the U.S. for 28 years.

Ana recognized the immense shortage of food and supplies that her family and friends were experiencing in Venezuela so she began to send donations on her own. In 2016, as the country’s conditions worsened and the need continued to grow, Ana then decided to create a non-profit organization called ANA VEN USA. For almost 5 years now, Ana and her volunteers have sent medical supplies, wheelchairs, hygiene products, baby formula, clothes, shoes, and much more to the people of Venezuela.

Ana did not even permit the global Covid-19 pandemic to stop her donations. For instance, an ANA VEN USA director in Venezuela worked with two individuals to make soup for those who were sick in the hospital. Once the soup was packaged in their containers, they wrote words of encouragement on top of the lids to spread positivity to those struggling.

Ana states that her biggest reward is “being able to see the gratitude of all those who receive her donations and knowing that she has made a difference in their lives because this truly fills her heart”.

During our interview, you could witness Ana’s genuine love for the Venezuelan community as she shared her dream of one day being able to have an ANA VEN USA location in every city so that she can reach even more people in need.

Thank you Ana for all the good you bring to humanity.

Kathia E. Guzman, Consultant

Networking Leads


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