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I’ve been thinking…

On the subject of giving, we always root for organizations whose purpose to meaningfully give back flows within and beyond their walls.

On the subject of super heroes, we also root for those certain unique individuals that selflessly and tirelessly give to advance worthy causes.

So at the start of this month of May, we created “May I Give” because we felt that it was important to acknowledge and raise up the individuals and organizations that contribute so much to humanity.

During our recent meetings with these individuals, we observed one consistent common factor...they were all still “giving” even while being interviewed. They gave us inspiration. This completely amazed us and literally made us cry!

I wish this kind of good could be bottled and mass produced because this world certainly needs it.

May is not over, but so far our big take away is that...We may not be able to help everyone, but we certainly “get to” help some (one by one).

Have an amazing Sunday with your family.

“To have faith is to have wings.”—Peter Pan

Many blessings.

Edgar J. Guzman, Founder/CEO

Guzman Legal

Networking Leads


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