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John Smith owns Widget Inc.

John opened the company two years ago with 50 personal/50 investor capital.

Location to the port was key for widget distribution so John entered into a 10 year triple net lease

for a 20,000 square foot warehouse.

John’s marketing channels significantly relied on trade shows and large prospective customer

seminars that focused on product education.

Widget Inc. was off to a fast start in the first year with sales exceeding all projections. However,

in the early part of the second year, the global pandemic crippled all of Widget Inc.’s marketing

channels resulting in significant revenue losses.

John was forced to slash costs placing the company in the brink of complete closure within a few


John was then introduced to Networking Leads wherein he scheduled a business consultation.

John brought the following documents to the first meeting: each agreement he entered into with

third parties (commercial lease, distributors, delivery, vendors, employment, advertisement,

etc...), business plan, and various insurance policies. All documents were carefully reviewed,

discussed, and a proactive plan was created that ultimately helped John avoid costly, timely, and

distracting legal disputes. This provided John with the time he now needed to focus on saving

his company.

In order to keep Widget Inc. relevant, John decided to slash all the high cost traditional

advertising methods the company used Pre-COVID and turned to the more cost effective

methods that Networking Leads suggested. Recognizing that education was Widget’s most

important form of reaching its audience, Networking Leads created a marketing strategy that

provided the company the ability to reach thousands of prospective customers at a fraction of the

cost of what they previously spent. John then also decided to use the Networking Leads Meeting

Rooms to meet with key industry business players and also to create live educational content that

was then published via all of Networking Leads’ marketing channels.

Within two months, Widget Inc. began to turn the corner as revenues started to slightly increase.

Networking Leads offers flexible business consulting plans.

Networking saving your business.


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