The Networking Leads book of the month, Start With Why, written by Author Simon Sinek, was chosen in order to address the social and professional unhappiness crisis that most Americans feel today.

“Studies show that 80% of Americans do not have their dream jobs.”—Simon Sinek

Interviews, studies, and surveys all seem to indicate that people struggle physically, mentally, and financially mostly when they have no clear sense of purpose in their social and professional lives.

It is important to note that wealth certainly does not translate to happiness. Just today, CNN reports that the world known pop star, Justin Bieber, took to Instagram this weekend asking his fans to pray for him as he continues to struggle with depression and the difficult time he is currently having coping with everything else that stems from this. In addition to Mr. Bieber, there are many other celebrities and famous individuals that struggle with mental health issues despite their great wealth. See:

Networking Leads is an education based organization that offers you seminars, workshops, training, and even classrooms to meet in with other professionals so that you can continue to expand your knowledge on how to overcome both personal and professional obstacles.

We invite you to come see how Networking Leads will directly benefit you.

"Man can either buy his wisdom or borrow it. By buying it, he pays full price in personal time and treasure. But by borrowing it, he capitalizes on the lessons learned from the failures of others."—Benjamin Franklin.

Networking Leads…to educating you.

Edgar J. Guzman, JD, MBA




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