You may hear the following:

“I think I am going to have to start looking for another job because the two years that I have worked for this company, I have always arrived on time and never went home earlier than five and they still have not offered me a promotion.”

“My boss told me that the few individuals that moved up the fastest and that now earn the big bucks at the company did it by networking with other business professionals. I just don’t know how these people find the time.”

“I do everything that my boss asks me to do and I still have not received a raise.”

“Can you believe that my boss got mad at me when I asked her if we could extend the project’s due date to Monday when I noticed at 4:45 on Friday that I would need a few more hours to complete it?”

These frustrated voices are some of the examples that you may hear or read about. Just remember that you have all the resources around you to make it happen. How you decide to use them is ALL on YOU and never criticize the ones that do.

This post was written based on the recent quote that I came across while reading a business article this weekend.

"You don't get a promotion for doing your job; you get a promotion for going above and beyond your job."—Aliza Licht

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