Emotional Intelligence (also known as Emotional Quotient or EQ) is a relatively new term of art that you are beginning to hear being tossed around more frequently in both the academic and business circles.

While no one clear definition has yet to be established for this term, it basically means to have the ability to identify, understand, and effectively manage the emotions of others as well as your own.


Despite its ambiguity, EQ is slowly starting to replace IQ in the business world as the new measuring stick that corporate decision makers use when interviewing candidates for their leading executive officer positions.

As for me, the million dollar question remains: How can a hiring organization reasonably expect a candidate to effectively manage emotions if they themselves do not have a clue as to their own corporate identity, and much less their customer base?

This week Dr. Charmaine Rose will talk to you about EQ and the growing role it now plays in successfully managing a business.

Also on March 1, 2019, I will personally discuss with you in an open seating forum in the Coffee House on how to create a thorough Business Plan. If you do not have a business plan then I will talk to you about the key parts that it must contain.

See you this week at the Emotional Intelligence seminar where Dr. Charmaine Rose will be presenting and also on March 1, 2019 for the Business Planning meeting.

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