Academic institutions offer students a wealth of resources to enrich their minds that in turn enables them to succeed both socially and academically.

A student that does not take advantage of these golden resources and opportunities (professors, study groups, help labs, tutors, student academic networking, etc...) can only blame themselves if they do not succeed.

Like a student in school, a business owner has access to resources that offers them the tools they need to succeed. However, also like a student, a business owner that does not take advantage of these available resources can only blame themselves for not succeeding.

On Friday, February 8, 2019, Dr. Carlos Garcia presented a seminar in the Networking Leads Coffee House on the application of psychology in the business world wherein he specifically discussed how a business owner should interact with others to achieve the highest level of success.

Dr. Garcia’s seminar was one of those that you did not want to miss.

The following day on Saturday February 9, 2019, Ms. Niecy Bivens, also presented in the Networking Leads Coffee House a seminar on Birthing Women Entrepreneurs that was also a valuable and powerful presentation that no business owner would ever want to miss.

The point is this, all the tools and resources you need to succeed are there for you. All you simply have to do is to get up from your chair and go get it.

Please visit to see the line up of amazing speakers that we have scheduled to speak soon at the Networking Leads Coffee House.

The Coffee House is open daily for networking and co-working opportunities.

The ball is in your court—what do you want?

Networking a wealth of resources.



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