When you do good, you feel good. I have yet to meet a person that will tell you that they regret getting involved with a humanitarian project. On the contrary, it is like having an amazing meal—you always ask for more. Take Cristo Rey High School for example that offers the Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) to its students in order to help them receive a private, college preparatory education, while gaining invaluable real-world work experience from leading corporations and non-profit organizations in the Tampa Bay area. Networking Leads recently had the honor to speak to Ms. Maria E. Vaca, Ed.D., the Director of the CWSP at Cristo Rey, in order to learn more about this amazing work program that the school offers its students. The CWSP provides the students the opportunity to develop professionally through entry-level jobs at an assigned company wherein they work five full days each month with corporate partners, who are committed to enrich the lives of these students via coaching, mentoring, and supervision. This is a “win-win” situation that benefits both the assigned company and the student. The assigned company that needs help at an entry level position receives a motivated individual to fill the employment position, while the student receives real world experience while attending high school. It is also worth noting that Cristo Rey High School even transports their students to and from school to the partner work site. We encourage you to learn more if you are a company that may be seeking to hire at the entry level position. For more information please contact Ms. Vaca at Cristo Rey High School. Networking doing good—feeling good!

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