On Wednesday, Brian Butler captivated the audience in the Networking Leads Coffee House as he shared his wisdom of how he grew his start up business to 80 employees and how giving back to the community has always been a key part of his business model. Brian’s business presentation was not only about how to succeed in business, but also in life. Thank you Brian for being such an amazing person and for sharing your wisdom with us.

The Speaker Series that we started this year at the Networking Leads Coffee House continues to grow. Just last week, we received over 10 new calls from different organizations requesting the opportunity to speak about their specific industry. So far, 4 new speakers have been confirmed wherein the dates are currently being worked out. We will provide you with all the details once everything has been confirmed. You can always turn to to stay up to date with all the new things and opportunities that we are always creating for you.

We want everyone in the community to know that the Coffee House is open to anyone in the community. At the Coffee House we do not only serve will serve amazing coffee and food, but we also offer you our friendship and many new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

See you around the Coffee House.



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