In this day and age, your social media presence says a lot about you even if it says absolutely nothing. Professionals in nearly every area of work have one or more social media profiles on different platforms. They may have one that is just for personal use and one for professional use if they run their own business, for instance or want to be known professionally.

So, how do you show people that you are a real person but that you also mean business via your professional profile?

1. PROFILE PICTURE – not a selfie, not a graphic (unless it’s the logo of your company and the page is for your company, not you). For this, you want a professional headshot or a good portrait of yourself.

2. ABOUT ME or “bio” – your About Me should tell people who you are in just a few words. Don’t bombard your visitors with a resume of your life, be short and simple. Don’t be afraid to make it fun… You can add your profession, hobby, 1-2 emoticons, and even throw in a relevant quote. Don’t be afraid to get personal with your bio but remember to keep it SHORT. It’s the first thing people read when they visit your page. They want to know if they’re following a fun and friendly SM guru or a dull and boring SM dummy.

3. CONTENT – How often are you posting? What are you posting? Are you engaging with your visitors/followers? Do you comment back when someone shows interest? Now IG has the option to LIKE a comment left on your post, so if you don’t really know what to respond to “insert thumbs up and hands in the air emoji” you can simply like the comment instead. Be sure to post at LEAST once a day, although we recommend the most you post to be 3-4 times a day. Don’t forget your hashtags! You don’t want to create a paragraph of hashtags and annoy your followers, instead, caption your picture and add a comment with your hashtags this way they’re semi hidden from your audience. Your content must be relevant to you/your business and engaging. It must be interesting. Not too long, formal or boring. People don’t like that. Maybe 5 sentences about what you’re up to, a description of the picture or even a blog post you’ve just published on your site. Again, when it comes to your content, don’t be afraid to get personal with it. Not private personal details, but maybe just something like what you’re having for lunch or a picture of you and a friend in your office captioned: “Look who came to visit! *insert description of what you’re discussing”

People like to know that they’re following a REAL PERSON. Not a robot. People like interesting and fun and real. We love to poke our noses in others’ lives; why else do social media platforms exist? So yes, even if you’re profile is for professional use, you are allowed to post some personal events that occur in your life. It shows people who you are, gives a gist of what you’re really like and it shows you have a “real life” and you’re not just a work-a-holic.

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