Growing up in a Cuban household, Dominoes was played at given time in the morning, at night time, before lunch during lunch or just about any time you could get someone to say yes to a game. When the word “Dominoes” was spoken, everyone knew it was time for fun. The kids sitting on dad and grandpa’s lap or standing around the table to see how it was played, a beer if it’s the evening, Cuban coffee for the morning or midday and in some house holds, you could not forget the Cuban cigar. Oh, and did I mention the yelling and slamming of the dominoes on the table?

Mr. Leo Alvarez is a role model family man, business professional, a community leader, and an over all man for others. Leo believes in heritage and that traditions should be continued and preserved for future generations. This is why he worked so hard, for years even, presenting his idea over and over again until his dream became a reality.

On July 12, 2017, Tampa’s 130th birthday, Networking Leads had the opportunity to play a part in the Tampa community coming together for the ribbon cutting of a “Dream Come True” as Alvarez put it. A Dominoes table was set up under an Oak tree in Centennial Park in Historic Ybor City. This Dominoes table was made and designed by Ryan Swanson, a Tampa Native, from The Urban Conga, a local design firm. It can be used not only to play Dominos, but also for Chess and Checkers. The structure of this table was designed to withstand all weather conditions. How great is it that we do not have to worry about this table’s gorgeous finish being affected by the Florida weather.

The ribbon cutting of this gift to the community consisted of interviews by local news channels such as ABC News, Channel 13 News, and a few others. Charlie Miranda, a respected and admired City Councilman, was also present to support and display his amazing domino skills along with Leo, Tony Cancio, and our very own Mrs. Jennifer Alonso of Networking Leads.

With the persistence and determination of Leo Alvarez and the help of Courtney Orr from YCDC (Ybor City Development Corporation), who was an advocate for his idea, this was the first of many other tables to be set up throughout Ybor City. How exciting it is to see a city of so much culture gain back pieces of its history. We look forward to walking down Ybor City and finding people of all ages and backgrounds sharing a love for the same thing, a fun game of Dominoes.

Thank you so much Leo for giving the older generations something to appreciate and the younger ones something to look forward to for many years to come.

Networking Leads…to dominoes!

Ivis Sanchez

Networking Leads


To read and see footage featured on the news, follow the links below!


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