Networking events are part of growing your business, brand, and name. The more people you know, the more people know you.

Networking not only enhances your contacts, but it will also improve your communication skills and give you the reputation you need as the professional who is involved in your local community. It shows that not only do you care about growing your list of contacts, but you're interested in meeting other professionals and learning about them and their field of work.

If you don't believe us, Forbes said it best when they published their article on 3 Reasons Why You Should Attend More Networking Events.

  1. It gives you a chance to refine your message. On average, you have about 30 seconds from the moment you approach someone to catch their attention. In any networking event, there is bound to be at least 1 person interested in what you have to say and who you are. Make sure your "hello" stands out and you use the right kind of language to describe your business and yourself. You don't want to be pushy, needy, desperate, or overly enthusiastic. Keep a calm, cool, and kind demeanor (what I call the CCK) and be sure to express interest in them! By the end of the event, you'll have won over the entire room with your CCK energy.

  2. The connections you make. You may not receive a call right away, but the sooner you reach out, the stronger your connection will be. You have about 24-48 hours after meeting someone, where the information your connections learned about you stays fresh in their brain. So, be sure to email, add them on linked-in or simply call to say hello, this way they'll put a name to the face and they're more likely to respond. After meeting people in person, 85% of professionals admit that it makes their professional relationship more meaningful.

  3. It forces you to get out there. Yes, networking online, through Instagram or FaceBook groups is great and fun and it builds your online presence, but networking in person, like previously mentioned, enhances the quality of your professional relationships with these individuals. You meet new faces, hear about new businesses, some that you may have never heard before and have been right in front of you all along, and it allows you the chance to be involved in your local professional community.

Most connections you establish can lead to great business ventures. You never know if your next big break will come from that networking event that's being hosted in your area. So join us, every Thursday from 8-9am in The Coffee House and practice your "elevator pitch".

Here at Networking Leads, we provide you with endless opportunities to meet, connect, and grow.

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday!

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