Networking Leads is all about the “White T-Shirt and Jeans” look. In other words, we keep everything basic and simple.

What existed before the advertising industry? Real genuine human interaction that took place around a camp fire.

We just completed the build out of our new NL Coffee House—and oh by the way, for fire prevention safety reasons we decided to substitute the camp fire with an amazing coffee bar.

We did this based on all the positive feedback that we would receive after hosting seminars, business consultations, round table discussions, and even networking events. We noticed how all these different events empowered business owners with new knowledge and insights.

Along with the new NL Coffee House, we also created the new NL Office Spaces where people can work and meet without being bound to a conventional commercial lease. Consider NL Office Spaces a huge think tank for you to get new ideas and make new connections.

We are currently completing the finishing touches on this summer’s project and soon will be launching all the new seminar and networking event dates.

So please get ready to Meet up, Set up, and Start up.

Networking Leads to...Basics.

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