Business professionals need to seriously think about their mental health.

The reality is that the majority of start ups fail within just a few years.

Running your own business takes a heavy toll on your whole life—social, professional, and sleep.

Look at what super successful entrepreneurs have to say:

“There is such a false reality of entrepreneurship. It’s the cool new thing to do. Perception is that you work your own hours, you don’t have to report in to some weirdo, you can wear whatever you want, you can do whatever you want…and then at the end you will get a big fat check. So far from reality.”—Stevan Premutico (founder of Dimmi).

“Being an entrepreneur is absolutely terrible for your mental health. This leaves you doubting yourself more broadly and at times depression, or even suicide.”—Marty Spargo, (co-founder of Reize).

“Running your own ship takes a serious mental toll...being an entrepreneur is like being bipolar, seriously! One minute you can be on top of the world and feeling invincible then one email or call later you can be borderline suicidal.”—Patrick Kidd (founder of PATRICKS).

Networking Leads (NL) will soon introduce its NL Start Up Seminar Series that will encompass every aspect of the life of a start up from concept to market. The seminar series will also include strategies on how you can preserve your mental health that will lead to a fulfilled social and professional you. Course material for each topic will be provided at every seminar that you can then use to create your own business plan and strategy outline.

Networking Leads…to starting you up.

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