An appointment was made for me to meet a parent at my office. They talked about their teenage child. A smile covered face described their child’s qualities—the most featured being the gift of humor. A wrinkled picture braced firmly in one hand captured an image of their child laughing with friends at a school event. A smile, now replaced by tears, told a story of struggle at home. Regret for not being more involved and for not being there to ask the questions that only a parent could ask created more pain. “We were best friends—we could talk about anything, but our fighting got worse in the last six months—I got tired and stepped back—I stopped asking questions—I knew those new friends were no good—they did things that my child had never seen or done before. My child wanted to talk to me that night—but I did not want to—I was still too angry from our recent argument. A few hours later my child was rushed to the hospital from a party. How can I forgive myself for not being there?” As the chair pushed back away from the conference room table, the parent asked me to do what I could to share the pain of this unfortunate reality in hopes that it will help other families afflicted with the many struggles that teenagers face.

Networking Leads will host an open floor discussion on TEENAGE STRUGGLES on March 28, 2018 from 5:30-7:30 pm.

We are currently speaking to several counselors that have called offering to volunteer their time.

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