Networking Leads does a lot of research and more importantly we listen to YOU.

We always ask the following question: “What do you want?”

The common response seems to always have the word “struggle” or “challenge” in it—“Right now we are struggling with or the challenge we face deals with _____________ [insert your common struggle here].”

Our research shows that the failure rate of startups overall remains at 90%!

The reality is that business owners struggle with the following: 1) Improper Planning; 2) Legal Compliance—violations of industry regulations that leads to costly litigation; 3) No market demand; 4) Capital—ran out of money or cannot fund the plan; 5) Competition—owner fails to research competitive advantages and apply them; 6) Marketing—owner comingles marketing with advertising efforts; 7) Administration—owners failing to realize that this is the foundation of the business that causes everything to crumble when not organized; 8) Network/Advisors—owners fail to network or hire the correct consultants. There are a lot more factors but recently these have been the ones we have been hearing about the most.

Networking Leads wants to help business owners like you.

As a business owner you have to be familiar with the saying: "a picture speaks a thousand words”, because your prospective customers seriously take into account the appearance of the people they do business with.

So on August 17, 2017 from 8:00 am to 10:00 am, Networking Leads will host Shoots and Shots Networking Mixer in the Event Room. You will have the opportunity to have your professional picture taken by our team of photographers and makeup touch ups (if needed) will be done by SN Shots Photography’s makeup artist. You will receive your photos in the following week and can then upload it to your own social media profiles.


We will also have Zeke of Creative Mixology working his magic from the coffee bar. Zeke is so good that he now has celebrity rock star status.

We ask that you RSVP by going to and find the Shoots and Shots Event OR you can follow this link to RSVP via Event Brite:

We also ask that you join our growing professional network by going to (we are offering free memberships for a limited time). We only recently implemented our new online professional network software and already we have over 100 business owners that have joined.

Networking Leads…to your future shot!

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