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Networking Leads created a list of services that offers you different ways to bring top of mind awareness to you and your company.  Please refer to “Our Services” page for a detailed description of what each service has to offer.  

You have Two (2) Options on how to use Our Services:

Option #1: 
This option provides you the free opportunity to join our professional networking community, attend networking mixers, and also reserve the Event Room or one of our Conference Rooms at a discounted rate.  This option was designed to provide you a way to try out one of our other services at the regular rate for a One (1) month period of time.    


Option #2:
This option provides you with everything Option #1 has to offer plus the opportunity to choose from one of our Four (4) Quarterly Packages that gives you a deeper discounted rate on our other services for only $50.00 a week.  This option was designed to deliver the most economicaly efficient way for you to bring top of mind awareness to you and your company. 

Please contact us at Info@NetworkingLeads.com for any questions you may have about our services. 

Membership Community: FREE  
Our Membership Community is our network of business professionals.  Join for free and then create your online profile in order to stay connected with others from either your office or with real time updates from your mobile device.    


Networking Mixers: FREE 
Our monthly professional Networking Mixers take place in the Event Room.  Our mixers are designed to allow you to walk around in order to connect with more people.  We also encourage you to bring your friends to any of our mixers.  All you have to do is just show up and enjoy some free coffee while connecting with new people.   

Member Shout Out: $100.00 (per posting)
Get your very own spotlight shout out! Your individual or company picture along with your company bio and contact information will be posted via our Social Media, Direct Mail blasts and NL Community Forum blasts reaching over thousands of new contacts. 

Networking Events Sponsorship: $150.00 (per event)

When you sponsor a professional networking event you will have the opportunity to bring more awareness to your company because your logo will appear on all event promotions for a period of Thirty (30) Days prior to the event— NL Web Page, Event Room TV Displays (Two (2) 55 inch TV), Social Media, NL Flyer Handouts; Direct Mail blasts; NL Community Forum blasts, and direct text message notifications.    

Sponsor the NL Blog: $200.00 (per month)
The NL Blog is an educational tool that offers practical written content that is personally and professionally relevant to you.  A new blog is written at least Two (2) times per week and appears on the NL Web Page, Social Media, NL Flyer Handouts, Direct Mail blasts; NL Community Forum blasts, and direct text message notifications.    

Write Your Own Blog: $300.00 (per month)
Promote your business with a personalized blog post focusing on the products/services that you offer. The blog posts will be shared on Social Media, Direct Mail blasts and NL Community Forum blasts reaching over thousands of new contacts.

NL Web Page/Calendar of Events: $50.00 (per month)
NL Web Page and Calendar of Events is designed to keep you informed of not only all NL events but also with all other community events.  In other words, we want you to stay engaged with all the amazing events this town has to offer.  Your company’s banner ad on the NL Web Page and Calendar of Events will promote your business so that others can find you and hire you easier by having them click on the banner tab that takes them directly to your profile and respective business web page.  You also have the opportunity to place your important business events in the NL Calendar in order to ensure that others will attend your own events.  

Event Room/Conference Room Rental: 

The Event Room and Conference Rooms provides you with a professional venue where you can meet with your clients, host your own networking mixer, present an educational seminar that can be recorded, or what ever way you can think of that will help grow your business.   The Event Room comes with parking, free wifi, Two (2) 55 inch TVs, speakers, bathrooms, kitchen area, refrigerator, coffee bar, and tables/chairs.

Class Room                      Seats 15       $30.00/hour (2 hour minimum)

Conference Room A        Seats 12       $30.00/hour (2 hour minimum)

Conference Room B        Seats 8        $25.00/hour  (2 hour minimum)

Conference Room C        Seats 4        $20.00/hour (2 hour minimum)

Co-working Stations        20                $100.00/monthly

Dedicated Office Space   2                  $400.00/monthly

Event Room                     60 Guests    Contact us for more information

* For weekend or daily rates please email us at info@networkingleads.com 

Content Writing: (Please contact us)
We will help you prepare one blog with content and art for you to post on your web page and also on all NL places.  


You know the saying: “A picture speaks a thousand words”. You cannot afford to underestimate the power that a professional photo delivers when you update your company’s image with a fresh and current new look.  You will be more visible when you update your web page with a new professional headshot and also with new pictures of your office.  

Head Shots: $135.00  

Group Photos: $250.00 

All sessions include up to 30 edited images and all come with a print release. 

Videography: (Please contact us)
This is your opportunity to tell the world about your very own personal and/or business success story.  We also offer you the opportunity to capture your seminars on video so that you can then download it to your own web page 

Web Page and Social Media Design:  (Please contact us)
We can help you design or re-design your web page and/or social media pages. 

Humanitarian Community Projects: (Please contact us)
This is your opportunity to roll up your sleeves in order to get involved in helping others in your local community.   When you sponsor a humanitarian community event you will feel fulfilled both personally and professionally.  Everyone benefits when you do good for others.   NL creates, promotes, and actively participates in many different humanitarian projects throughout the year that offers you the opportunity to get involved and make a positive impact in the community.

Consulting Services: (Please contact us)
Starting and running your own business is not for the fainthearted.  We all need help at some point.  NL Members have the opportunity to tap into the network of resources that the professional organization has to offer.  We have members from all different business industries that can help you with your legal and business questions.    


Networking Leads hosts a variety of professional seminars created to provide you with the tools necessary to succeed in your business. 

Speaker, Edgar J. Guzman, Esq. presents on topics ranging from startup businesses to teenage struggles.


For more information on upcoming seminars or on how to book Edgar for your next seminar, contact us at Info@NetworkingLeads.com 






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